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About Us

The only brand that strictly specializes in the world's two most passionate (and soft!) fibres, Silk and Cashmere has been providing exceptional quality, affordable luxury garments and accessories for over a quarter century.

Silk and Cashmere began its journey in 1992 when Aysen Zamanpur and her team set out to the Inner Mongolia, the very nest of the highest quality cashmere, to discover and explore this enchanting fiber.  An unmatched project with an inspired and motivated team, our story is one of passion and unyielding determination.  Creating an extensive and universal collection, Silk and Cashmere has been providing high quality products to cashmere and silk lovers in domestic and international markets for over 26 years. 

Our pioneering spirit has seen us grow into the most trusted name for unrivalled quality at extraordinary value.  Once discovered, customers come to love us for beautifully made silk and cashmere pieces that feel every bit as good as they look. With flagship stores in metropolitans like London, Zurich and Istanbul, Silk and Cashmere strives to be the world's most loved cashmere brand each day.