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Audrey Hide Placket L/S Shirt

Product Code: 8699908286337

141 gbp
Selected Beden : L

Please select a size to proceed.

Selected Color : Taş Rengi 219

95 % Silk 5 % elastane

Hikayesi : Saf ipek audrey gömlek, yumuşak , hafif , özel dokusu ile teninize sakinlik ve duruluk katacaktır. İtalya'nın Puglia bölgesinde deniz kıysında uzun yürüyüşler esnasından, karşımıza çıkan eşsiz gün batım renklerini sembolize ediyor

Kombin Önerimiz: Charlotte pantolon ve Charlotte Ceket ile asil şık ve zarif bir havaya sahip olabilirsiniz. Dilerseniz ekolojik şal ile havanızı süslüyebilirsiniz

En Sevdiğimiz Özellik: Audrey Hepburn'e atıfta bulunan ikonik yalın kesimi

İlk Giymek İsteyeceğiniz Yer: En sofistike kombinle bir kokteyl'e ya da yepyeni bir filmin Galasına katılın. Audrey her daim ışığınızı yükseltecek. Rutin bir Plaza günü bile kendinizi podyumda ışıklar altında hissedeceksiniz.

İçerik: % 95 İpek % 5 Elastan

Kalıp : Fit Kesim

Örgü Sıklığı : 14GG (gage)


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{ "productDetail": { "type": "Product Viewed", "data": { "product_id": "B212C158001219L", "sku": "8699908286337", "category": "SHIRT", "name": "Audrey Hide Placket L/S Shirt", "price": 141, "variant": "Taş Rengi 219", "brand": "silkandcashmere", "dimension10": "Gömlek Yakalı", "dimension11": "", "dimension12": "95 % Silk 5 % elastane", "dimension15": "8699908286337", "dimension16": "141", "dimension17": "indirimsiz" , "dimension18": "L", "dimension19": "Kadın | Gömlek ", "dimension30": "223098" } } }



The most passionate fiber, cashmere, is obtained from the Capra Hircus cashmere goats. The finest cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, where the cashmere goats grow a special layer under their outer coat of wool to protect themselves from the harsh climate. This fine hair is called cashmere and every spring it is gently hand-combed from each goat by the locals. As a result of this traditional practice, only 30-60 grams of cashmere is obtained from each goat per year. In other words, it takes a cashmere goat 5-6 years to grow enough cashmere for a single sweater! Apart from being so rare, cashmere is also 100% natural and regulates body heat, making it an exceptional gift for your skin.

Stubborn Goat

Did you know that Capra Hircus goats stop producing cashmere when removed from their specific harsh climates? Their yield of cashmere depends entirely on the environment which they live in.


Legend has it that a young Chinese Empress discovered silk in 2700 BC and since then, it has been one of the most valuable threads in the world. It even lent its name to the infamous trade route, “The Silk Road,” which stretched from East China to the Mediterranean. Not only is silk one of the sturdiest thread, but it also contains 18 amino acids, maintains skin moisture and is hypoallergenic.

Spinning Silk

Silk is derived from the cocoon of the Bombyx Mori silkworm. Around 2000 meters of silk thread can be found in a single cocoon!



Silk and Cashmere recommends hand washing products that do not carry the "Dry Clean Only" instruction.

  • Add S&C shampoo to lukewarm water (30°C). 1 cap shampoo = 10 sweaters.
  • Turn your garment inside out, immerse it in the water and gently massage it without soaking it for too long.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean cool water and do not wring or twist.
  • Smooth the garment to its original shape and let it dry naturally on a flat towel.
  • Do not hang your garment on a wire, or expose it to direct sunlight or any electrical heat source.

REAL CASHMERE IS A 100% natural fiber, pilling is normal and is no indication of quality.

Pilling is normal for natural cashmere

In order to preserve the purity of our cashmere, we do not expose it to chemical processes, which is why pilling can be expected in the first few wears, especially in areas exposed to more contact. You can easily de-pill your products by using a Silk and Cashmere Fabric Shaver or bringing them to our nearest store.


Use your products for years

All of our products are tagged with washing and maintenance instructions. When used with care, cashmere will last you a lifetime...