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Corporate Sales

Do you have difficulty choosing suitable gifts for your employees and business partners on special occasions?

A universal collection of high quality pure cashmere and silk;

The Silk and Cashmere Corporate Product and Gift Service guarantees the fulfillment of your business partners, customers and employees by providing a customized cashmere experience.

Our corporate sales team at Silk and Cashmere can assist you with several product and gift options that will be created in line with your needs.

Areas of Expertise

  • - Accessories for corporate uniform
  • - Custom designed products with logo
  • - Christmas gifts
  • - National Holiday Gifts
  • - Gift Cards
  • - Personalized products

  • If you would like to evaluate our products that will easily accompany women and men from all ages, styles and colors with our brand colors and texture in gift or corporate special projects (along with SC logos and etiquette as well as specially designed labels for you), we are pleased to help you with our most exclusive products.
  • You can choose the best gifts for you from our Corporate Sales Catalog or you can contact the sales team to offer you the appropriate suggestions.
  • Gift Cards, which are specially prepared for institutions at different price options, Gift Card which allows you to shop as you like at stores, gifts prepared for you and Silk and Cashmere sophisticated reflections of pure silk and cashmere accessories are just a few of the alternatives waiting for you in this prestigious world.

Call or email us now for more information:


Corporate Sales Manager

e-mail: tugba.saglar@fabeks.com

Tel: +90 212 360 09 90

Cell: +90 533 921 10 21