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Our Story

The only brand that strictly specializes in the world's two most passionate (and soft!) fibers, Silk and Cashmere has been designing timeless collections of exceptional quality for over a quarter of a century.
Our journey began in 1992 when Aysen Zamanpur and her team set out to Inner Mongolia, the source of the finest cashmere, to discover and explore this enchanting fiber. Since then, we have been producing luxury garments and accessories for men and women by collaborating with the world’s leading cashmere manufacturers in its place of origin.
Working with the world’s most desirable natural fibers, we produce heirloom pieces to treasure from the richest silk and cashmere. Our pioneering spirit has seen us grow into the most trusted name for unrivalled quality at extraordinary value. Once discovered, customers come to love us for beautifully made silk and cashmere pieces that feel every bit as good as they look.

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