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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

Customer Relations - Shipping Information

Your items will be shipped within a maximum of 3 business days after you place your order.

Receiving your order

To avoid any (unlikely) problems, we recommend that you check your order upon receiving it. If the item(s) is defective or has been damaged during shipment, you may return the package with the courier who delivered it to you free of charge

Delivery Time

Depending on your location, the time of delivery may vary between 1-5 business days after shipment.

Can I Exchange My Product?

Why not! Items purchased from our online store can be exchanged at our London store or by sending your original item to the return address. Note: The same model item may vary in price according to color. Prices in our online store during campaigns may vary with prices in our physical stores. Lastly, if the exchange is being made at a physical store, the pricing of the store will be used. London store/ Return Address: Silk and Cashmere, 77 Portobello Road, W11 2QB, London

Can I Cancel My Order?

However heartbreaking it may be, yes you can. Your payment will be returned according to your initially chosen payment method (returned to your card if you chose credit card, or to your bank account if you chose bank transfer), in compliance with your banks refund policy. Note: The above mentioned return policy is valid only for transactions made through our online store

Is return shipping free?

Return fees belong to the customer.

How do return my product?

Our Returns Policy

Conditions for our return policy are as follows;

1- The product has not been used, has not been tagged, and has not lost its resaleability.
2- Your return receipt is 30 days as of the invoice date.
3 - The shipping of all defective and damaged items that are a result of our error is fully covered by Silk and Cashmere.
4- We only accept refunds to the following address, products that are sent to addresses / stores outside this address are not accepted.

Silk and Cashmere, 77 Portobello Road, W11 2QB, London